CEO's greeting

We create a corporate culture that continuously realizes core values.

To open a new chapter in history,
We embark on new challenges.

Hello, and thank you for visiting the Daehan Shipbuilding website.

Daehan Shipbuilding has a history of numerous challenge and response since its founding. However, with the passion of our employees, the support of our partner companies, and the trust of our customers, we have successfully overcome hardships and are now firmly establishing our position as a leading shipyard in the medium-sized vessel sector on a global market.

In the early days, bulk carriers (180K, 207K) were our main products. However, we made a significant shift by actively adapting to market conditions, focusing on products such as oil product carriers (115K), crude oil carriers (115K, 157K), and shuttle tankers (155K).

Moreover, we are not content with this and continue to strive for continuous challenges in expanding our core product range for the future. We plan to enter new markets through diversification of ship types such as LNG propulsion ships and LPG Carriers.

Despite our relatively short history in shipbuilding, we have received continuous inquiries from shipowners due to our top-notch safety and quality. Daehan Shipbuilding is undeniably writing the history of being the Global No. 1 shipyard in the medium-sized shipbuilding sector.

In fact, our first-built bulk carrier (180K) was selected as the '2008 Significant Ship (Naval Architect),' and in 2019, the oil product carrier (115K) built by us, in 2020, the Aframax-class crude oil carrier (115K), and in 2021, the Suezmax-class crude oil carrier (158K) were honored as 'World-Class Products' by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

All members of Daehan Shipbuilding are concentrating their efforts on achieving our vision and business goals. Furthermore, we are committed to building an ethical company, fulfilling our corporate social responsibility, and pursuing mutual growth with partner companies, to move together towards a brighter future.

Daehan Shipbuilding will become a Global No. 1 company in all fields, not just achieving external stability but leading change through proactive challenges.

We kindly request your generous support for Daehan Shipbuilding new challenges, aimed at ushering in a hopeful future and opening a new chapter in history.