Sustainable Management

Quality management

DHSC strives to achieve customer satisfaction and build world-class high-quality vessels through continuous improvement in quality.

Quality Management Promotion System
Pledge of compliance with quality standards

In order to deliver high quality products to customers in a timely manner, DHSC has enacted "Ten Basic Quality Assurance Commitments" and has thoroughly complied with them, throughout the production process. Through basic quality inspection activities, we identify and take the necessary corrective actions, in cases of defects, we proactively and efficiently manage quality, and pursue world-class quality competitiveness.

Education on quality

Experts with international certifications related to ISO certification and inspection are working to secure the quality competitiveness of DHSC.

Main curriculum

Training experts of 10 basic equipment and materials

Training of inspectors on carrying out non-destructive testing inspection

QM Specialized Research Activity

Quality improvement training for partner companies

International certification(ISO 9001) for QM systems

DHSC has acquired ISO 9001, an international standard for quality management systems, and maintains certification. In addition, we strive to inspect and improve the work processes of each department through an annual internal audit and to establish and maintain an effective quality management system.

International certification of welding quality management system (ISO 3834-2)

DHSC is trying to improve welding quality and productivity by designating welding activities as special processes and identifying factors that affect product quality at all construction stages before welding, during welding, and after welding.

Certification status

  • Quality Management System Certificate
    KS Q ISO 9001
  • Certificate of Approval
    KS B ISO 3834-2:2006 ISO 3834-2:2005