Sustainable Management

Safety and health environment

We create a Health and Safety Environment (HSE) that conforms to the basics and principles.

HSE Code of Conduct by DHSC

  • Safety and Health Environment Goal

    • Zero serious disaster
    • Create a CLEAN working environment
    • Responsibility for the area in charge
    • Safe safety activities
  • Main safety and health environmental activities

    • Regular safety training and daily safety inspection
    • Fire education and training department
    • Fire facilities inspection
    • Special waste management
    • Regular health checkups and musculoskeletal diseases prevention activities
    • Safety check before work
    • Work environment measurement and improvement
  • Main facilities for safety and health environment

    • Health management room
    • Sewage water treatment plant, waste treatment plant, air pollution prevention facility
    • Emergency escape warning facility

Certification status

  • Safety and Health Management System Certificate
    ISO 45001
  • Environmental Management System Certificate
    ISO 14001